How To Enjoy Your Gym Membership & Get Ripped

How To Enjoy Your Gym Membership & Get Ripped

How To Enjoy Your Gym Membership & Get Ripped

Across the country, there are about 58 million people who sign up for a gym membership. After all, it is one of the best ways to stay fit and satisfied with your physical shape.

If you have just signed up for a gym membership or you are planning to join a fitness class or go one-on-one with a trainer, here are a few tips on how to enjoy your membership, make new friends, and meet your fitness objectives.

Call Yourself a Rookie but Don’t Make Rookie Mistakes

Every new member should learn to tread lightly on his or her first month at a new gym so you don’t make rookie mistakes. This is important as you get used to the environment, get to know the people behind the counters and equipment, and blend in. A rookie is someone who is new to a scene and invariably tends to make mistakes so here’s a list of how to avoid rookie makes in the first month at the gym:

  • Ask and don’t stop asking questions if you’re unsure about something, especially about how to use the equipment and facilities. Keep in mind that if you were a member in another gym, the equipment may look familiar but may have different operating mechanisms.
  • If there is a membership orientation, attend it.
  • If you like working out with music, make sure you have earphones or ear buds that can contain the volume well.
  • Wear the proper attire. Cotton is now considered outdated since it does not wick sweat well. Instead, wear something that dries quickly and does not drip. It’ll make you more comfortable but also not leave lots of sweat behind for others (and also, wipe down machines when you’re done!)
  • Keep your mobile phone quiet and take calls outside the workout area so you don’t disrupt the workout of other members. Nothing is worse than someone loudly talking on the treadmill and distracting people doing a serious workout.

Follow the Fitness Trainers’ Lead

Most fitness centers and gyms will ask you about your fitness goals. These goals will be relayed to the trainers and fitness professionals so they can help you attain your goals so take their lead. There’s nothing wrong with a healthy discussion about your program, but do give them the respect they deserve.

Change Up

Once you start getting bored with your routine, change it up. Join classes or request a new program. The repetitive exercise syndrome is one of the reasons many members tend to lag on their fitness goals.

In addition, repeating the same routine puts you at risk for injuries as you become less conscious and alert of your actions and more robotic.

Finally, enjoy socializing with other members but do try to keep it professional especially as a new member. Adopt a wait-and-see to find out who among the members you will most likely get along with and not end up in the middle of a dispute among cliques.



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