Fitness Myths You Should Junk

Fitness Myths You Should Junk

Fitness Myths You Should Junk

Myths are a topic taught to children in school – think Greek mythology.

But there are other types of myths beyond the extraordinary ones you learn growing up, the type of everyday myths that, as it turns out, are really just misconceptions or misunderstandings that continue to be passed on.

In fitness, there are no ancient Greek stories or curses to debunk, there are just hyped-up ideas on health and fitness that probably started as a joke or marketing gimmick and are now considered by many as truth.

Here are a few of the most common and strangest myths on fitness that you should never consider as even slightly true.

Myth #1 Training on a problem area only benefits that problem area

The only way you can trim only your abdominal fat or only take away fat in your upper arms is through surgical procedures like liposuction. Training doesn’t work like that – it’s better. When you train, you can focus on specific drills but in almost all cases, the entire body will benefit. This is because scientifically, the body draws fat from different areas at varying rates which would depend on your genetic make-up.

Just think about it, have you ever seen a man with a six pack but with fatty thighs and arms? Do you have friends who are able to work only on their thighs and not on the arms? The beauty of working out in the gym is that you are able to work on all parts of your mind and body. The process may be slow but it will definitely get you to a fitter shape.

Myth #2 Muscle gain becomes impossible after age 40

Aging has its downside but muscle gain is not one of it. However, there are people over 40 who struggle with muscle gain even after months in the gym. The fault lies not with the program but may have something to do with physical deficiencies like lack of hormones or a potential osteoporosis condition. There are quick diagnostic tests that can be done to find out if you have deficiencies like a saliva test. The other possible cause could be the fact that it is only at age 40 that you have started any kind of fitness program, thus you should consider yourself a babe in training – and this means the end results may take some time before they are visible.

Myth #3 Yoga is better than going to the gym

Actually, yoga and exercise is a good combination but yoga alone, which is based on the spiritual disciplines of Buddhism and Hinduism, aims to transform and control spirit and body. In fact, it was only in the 1980s that yoga started trending as a form of physical exercise even though it was never meant to be used as a fitness program. People do manage to lose weight, but getting ripped is not usually a benefit. This is because you don’t really burn calories the way you would with a fitness program.

There are many, many other myths that should be rejected as false. If you enroll in a gym membership, you will come to know what these are and voluntarily reject them on your own as you see the effects of a true honest (and fun) fitness program.

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